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Broadcast schedule

Broadcast Schedule

Time Monday To Thirsday Friday Saturday Sunday Time
0600 Activate Activate Music Automated music 0600
0700 Sky is The Limit CITA Homecare 0700
0800 Treasure Hunt Power in The Word 0800
0900   Sunday Sermon 0900
1000 Jon Courson Jon Courson Music Courts of Praise 1000
1100 Praise Junction Praise Junction Top 30 Countdown   1100
1200 1200
1300 Automated music 1300
1400 Shangilia Shangilia Sports & Requests Hope Classics 1400
1500 1500
1600 Route 104
Route 104
Benny King Women by design 1600
1700 Hope for tomorrow 1700
1800 Automated music Music 1800

Breath of Heaven


Kubamba Songs of Faith & Inspiration 1900
2000 2000
2100 Yesu Ndiye Njia 2100
2200 Jon Courson Jon Courson Hope thro the Night 2200
2300 Hope thro the Night Hope thro the Night   2300
2400 Hope thro the night 2400
ImageThe funniest, most interactive way to jump-start your morning and achieve your goals for the day. Join or presenter every weekday from 6, and start your day with prayer and get to work with timely updates. All information, trivia, updates, and inspiration you need to get through the day!
ImageWe are in the new Testament and Pastor Jon Courson with his characteristic, fun-loving style unlocks the depths of God's love for us. 10.00 every day is your time for your portion of Hope For Today, only on Hope FM
ImageMid morning on Hope FM is Praise Junction…three hours of daily encouragement, inspiration and a forum to be heard, to be helped and to receive hope.
Hosted by Wambui Mburu, on Praise Junction your faith will be nurtured, challenged and uplifted. You also get to hear motivational testimonies that will change your life.

Make a date every weekday 11am -2pm

ImageSoft,old-time ballads and stirring worship classics usher The Holy Spirit into your room every evening.Let God minister to you as you sleep, through Hope Through the Night
ImageRoute 104 is the best way to get home every evening. Listen to the finest local and international gospel artists in a mix of music that is both rejuvenating and inspiring. Justus Owaka keeps you updated with the news, the latest on the roads and gets you home safely. The drive time devotional is something to look forward to; it lifts your spirit and gives you hope.

Route 104, every weekday 4-7pm

Image"On the Real" is your unplugged way to say what you want, when you want,how you want.. Kubamba Radio keeps it real every Saturday. Unwind to the hottest mixes of Saturday night from 8 pm with Dj Moz and the K-Krew. Oh, by the way, there's another guy there called Njuguna.....
ImageSaturday Best-Seller! For someone to have so many tricks, trivia and riddles is... well...perplexing, but Ndindi's top-rated Children's Show, not only grabs the children but the parents as well! Treasure Hunt with Ndindi is up to something,and only you can figure it out...if you can! Treasure Hunt, Saturdays from 8 am
ImageWind up your evening on Hope FM with information and inspiration that will touch your heart and heal your soul. On Breath of Heaven we discuss dating, courtship and marriage while giving Biblical perspectives and Godly advise. You also get to spend time in prayer, bringing you needs before the throne of God. What better way to end your day?

Breath of heaven, Monday – Thursday  7-10pm

ImageLet go. Let go. Let God do His Work in you. He uses ordinary experiences to make us extra-ordinary! Life has a funny way of proving that God was right in the first place. Find out more on Christ is The Answer, Sundays from 7 on Hope FM, listen and live.
ImageThe one undisputed authority when it comes to Top 30 International and local Hits of the week. It's an explosive ride all the way to Number 1, made even more enjoyable by our enigmatic presenters. The Top 30 International Countdown, Saturdays from 11 am.
ImageTune in for informative discussions on the politics of the day...every Friday 7.00pm to 8.30pm

ImageFor our Swahili fans, tune in for uplifting praise and worship, along with informative discussions, every Friday 8:30 - 10.00pm

What a way to revitalize your afternoon! To put aside all the troubles and worries as we praise and Worship the Lord together! It is a time to Shangilia!
Shangilia is an interactive two hour Swahili programme meant to reach out and to Make Christ known to the Swahili lovers; the coastal, Western Kenya as well as the Nairobi Listeners.
Join the presenter Anthony Ndiema in this favourite Swahili two hour programme. Interact with him as you cellebrate your birthday, dance to the great Swahili tunes, worship God, sharpen your Swahili oratorical skills and as you get inspired by God’s word.

Shangilia every weekday between 2 – 4 pm