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Profile : Zidi the band

Profile: Zidi the band


by Nelly Okhama
november 2008

Zidi is a Christian band that was officially launched in February 2006. Zidi is a Swahili word meaning "to exceed' and was inspired by the verse Psalm 23:5 which says "..thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows." Zidi was born out of a desire to reach people of all walks of life by encouraging, challenging societal views and simply discussing real issues based on Christian principles. Zidi band strives to build an appreciation for the Afro-fusion genre of music, and offers wholesome entertainment as well as furthering the spread of God's word through their music.


  • Breathe; the first single was produced, recorded and released for airplay in March 2008.
  • Star Of Excellence Awards (SOEA) - an award fete at Daystar University; Zidi was awarded Band of the Year.
  • Groove Awards 2008 - Zidi was privileged to perform as a band.
  • Café Mia Moja series of concerts organized by Dan ‘Chizi’ Aceda
  • Churches, Campuses-Zidi has performed in different places including; Mavuno Downtown, Daystar University,
    PCEA Umoja, Catholic University, KAG Bahati, St. Andrews PCEA,
  • Media Interviews/Mentions-Citizen TV Interview on the Power Breakfast Show in November 2007,
  • Radio charts- Zidi has topped the Gospel Music Countdowns on Hope FM and Homeboys Radio, and is fast
    gaining popularity on Family FM and also airs on Transworld Radio.


Jo (Wangechi Mwangi)
Her vocal capabilities are exceptional. She is also a song writer with leaning towards neo-soul. Jo is a communication major at Daystar University. She is a soulful worshiper and arranges most of the worship sessions for the band, together with Oscar.

Beulz (Beulah Gicovi)
Beulah is an excellent song songwriter and is also a vocalist. Her songs speak to the soul and speak about everyday life in a refreshing manner. She is Public Relations Communications major in her final year at Daystar University. She is also naturally skilled in a creative design and is the official Zidi fashion consultant. She is former member of God sent band and is also a keyboardist.

KEN (Njeri Kihangah)
Njeri’s voice is striking and this distinguishes her as excellent lead singer. She is also a songwriter and has deep thoughts emanating from her music. She is a electronic media and loves all things African.

F.M (Faith Muthoni)
F.M is a vocalist with a wonderful mellow voice, but surprisingly deep voice. She loves worship as well as jazz and is naturally a lead vocalist in the band.


Mash (Macharia Maina)
Macharia is a student of public relations and marketing at Daystar. He carries an authoritative tenor and lead with additional skill in songwriting and is rapidly becoming a adept in playing the guitar. About himself “I love Christ, music and simplicity and I believe you should not regret what you cannot change”.

Ndahje (Oscar Mucyo)
Oscar is a gifted vocalist who simplify loves to worship. He has penned lyrics in Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda and English. A Rwandese born in Kenya, he is a computer Science Major at Daystar University and an ace web designer to boot. He is working on Zidi’s website to be soon to be launched.

Kepha Elisha Babu
An amazing bass player who also composes and sings. He has played in other bands including the marvelous ‘Rock of Ages Band’. He is a sound technician.

He is the youngest member of the band but an amazing drum player who has gone as far as Australia for his drum playing skills.

Erosh (James Irungu)
Erosh is a self taught keyboardist who is actively involved in church worship teams and also plays in one of the local five star hotels in Nairobi. He is a sound technician.

Babu (James Kiamba)
James aka jemo’s love affair with his guitar is unparalleled. He plays lead guitar and bass on the off chance. Jemo’s an alumnus of Daystar University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management Information Systems. He has played with other bands including the ‘Divine Band’ and a collection of other local artists.

Zidi Family
(Helps in organizing and running of events such as ushering and hospitality)
Catherine Mutonga
Faith Nusu
Sally Mbilu
Grace Njeri
Edna Gicovi